About us

"Kunz" Primary School provides a professional experience with Chinese and Mongolian teachers and offers quality education in line with world class standards. Kunz provides a convenient and comfortable learning environment for children, both providing the latest technology and a safe environment.


In accordance with the "Core curriculum" standard set by the Ministry of Education, students can master all the courses.

Our mission

The school aims to promote native-speaking talents so that your child can have a good quality education.

Our purpose

“Being surrounded by higher education in the world”

Our school`s features

    • · To provide full knowledge of standard education developed by the Ministry of Education.
    • · Our school has Chinese language training. The lessons are taught by Chinese professional teachers with years of experience.
    • · Chinese standard textbook.
    • · Small classes.
    • · Provide full nutrition with three meals a day.
    • · ¬ School bus service.
    • · Convinient and comfortable environment.
    • · Located in A region of the city.

School`s advantages

• Tution

o Helping students finish their homework.

o 1 hour sleeping time.

• ¬ “Mongolian Intellectual Academy” campaign picking training.

• ¬ IQ, Chess,checkers etc.

• The English Grape seed programme will be implemented.

• Students graduated from 1st grade will be able to complete HSK level 1 knowledge.

• Development of both the right and left brain.

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